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  • Every one of Allen’s seminars is based on tips & techniques he gathers from his nationwide CYBERSTAR® networking group, agents who dominate their markets using today’s technology.  In other words: “no theory….just what works in the field”!
  • Allen prefers giving his seminars in either 3 hour or all day formats.  If your group wants a shorter version, Allen will tailor a presentation to a shorter time frame, but you are urged to seriously consider a 3-hour format for two reasons.
  • Past experience has shown that in every case where a 1 hour or 1½ hour session has been given, the overwhelming majority of the critiques called for "more time for this vital session."
  • People don't leave during Allen's seminars!  He sustains attendees' interest for 3 hours or all day due to the nature of his material and his entertaining, upbeat presentation style!


NOTE: Allen F. Hainge Seminars, Inc., does not represent any one software or computer firm. Allen is not compensated by any software company: that’s why we charge a fee for our seminars. The benefit to you is that your membership gets an objective view on how to use today’s best real estate software, computers and technology to increase their market share, not a "pitch" slanted towards one product or another. In this fashion, your membership is better able to choose which software and technology is right for them.


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